Outgoing mobilities KA1

Based on the institutional contract concluded with the National Agency for Key Action 1 (KA1) and based on the inter-institutional agreements concluded, UTCB carries out the following types of mobilities:

Starting with the academic year 2018 – 2019, the teaching mobility program has to contain elements of curricular development and improvement of teaching techniques.

The selection of candidates, which always takes into account the criteria of transparency and equal opportunities, is made by the commission composed of the CRI Council. It is composed of one representative from each faculty and is present by the Erasmus + institutional coordinator. The main selection criteria are professional results and language skills for study or teaching, in accordance with the provisions of bilateral agreements.

The selection of candidates is made in accordance with the regulations and methodology approved by the UTCB Senate, which can be consulted here: ERASMUS+ regulations

Mobility selection Erasmus+ 2021/2022 

Results of ERASMUS+ mobility selection for academic year 2021-2022

The “Student Erasmus in Pandemic” Guide, published by the National Agency for Community Programs in Vocational Education and Training (ANPCDEFP), contains information for students on the organization of mobility in the context of COVID-19.

Submission of registration/application files for mobilities:

Submission of application files for a mobility:
for student mobility – Doina IRODEL
e-mail: erasmusin@utcb.ro
tel: 0212421208/229
for mobility of teachers and non-teaching staff: Mia TRIFU
e-mail: iro@utcb.ro
tel: 0212421208/139

THE APPLICATION FILE – mobilities for students

The application file is submitted ON-LINE, in pdf format, to the Erasmus + office (erasmusin@utcb.ro) and must contain:

The student will specify in the application if he/she wishes to apply for several universities, specifying the order of preferences. The change of destination, subsequent to the selection, due to the personal choice of the candidate or to some unforeseen problems occurred at the host university, can be done only insofar as there are destinations left unassigned to other candidates.

ERASMUS list of Bilateral Agreements valid in 2020-2021 (DOWNLOAD)

FILE APPLICATION – mobilities for teaching/training (STA/STT)

The application file will be submitted to ERASMUS+ office (iro@utcb.ro) and contain the following documents:

– request for departure form (DOWNLOAD);

– the host institution invitation;

– the „Staff mobility for teaching/training agreement” form (which specify the lectures contents and of the program of development, in order to justify the requested period), approved by the reprezantative of the host institution (STA download), (STT download).

Useful information:

– any teacher can benefit from an ERASMUS + mobility for teaching purposes, provided they meet the following criteria: 

– there must be a Bilateral Agreement for the teaching mobility between the UTCB and the host university;

– the subjects contained in the teaching program must be part of the curriculum of the host university

- applicable scales for unit cost contributions (DOWNLOAD)

– at the end of the teaching/training period, the host institution shall issue a certificate attesting to the completion of the agreed program.