ERASMUS+ incoming mobilities


Within the ERASMUS+ programme, students belonging to ERASMUS+ partner universities are entitled to study at the Technical Universit of Civil Engineering Bucurest for one or two semesters, based on an Inter-institutional Agreement signed by both institutions.

Students can study in English or French at the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages ​​(FILS) or in French at the Faculty of Building Services Engineering (FII), in both cycles of education (bachelor’s and master’s).

To apply, students must be, first, nominated by the sending institution.


Nomination deadline:

Application deadline:         

UTCB Fact Sheet 2023 – 2024


To apply for an Erasmus study period at Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, the students must send by email, to, the following documents:

Application form

Learning agreement for studies




Romanian grading system

Students are required to bring two photos upon their arrival.

If there is no Bilateral Agreement, but you still want an internship at TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING BUCHAREST, address to the Erasmus + office of your university.

We are always open for cooperation!

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If you need more details about Romania Higher Education: Study in Romania (

Incoming Staff mobility

Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest welcomes teaching staff from higher education institutions for the purpose of carrying out teaching activities based on an Inter-institutional agreement already existent between the institutions.

The official teaching language at Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest is Romanian, but our students form the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages can also attend courses taught in English and French.

For more details and assistance please contact our Erasmus coordinator.

In order to apply for a teaching/training mobility, we should fill in the following documents before you arrive in our university:

The Erasmus responsible for teaching/training motilities from our university will assist you to complete the required documents (work plan, invitation, other).

At the end of the mobility, the Erasmus office will provide you the certificate attesting your teaching mobility.